2010—Second U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition (Rochester, NY). Certré Award, “The Finest Bonsai and Container Combination,” for Kingsville Boxwood entitled, “Pandora

2010—Bonsai Professional Certificate. Boon was awarded the “Professional Certificate” by the Nippon Bonsai Association (Professional Branch) in recognition of his five-year study of bonsai in Japan. (photo)

2008—First U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition (Rochester, NY). One of Boon’s students won the First Prize and another student won Best of Conifer.

2004—St Louis-BCI Convention. One of Boon’s students won the Best of Show and another student won Third Place.

2002—Dream Garden in Dallas. (Judged by Masahiko Kimura) Boon’s student took the First Prize. Boon won the Third Prize, with a $30 tree!

2000—Kinbon Japanese Five-Needle Pine Styling Contest. Boon wins First Place.

1999-2004—JAL, and World Bonsai Contest. Many of Boon's bonsai and his students’ bonsai have been winners over the years. After that many awards, Boon started concentrating on other areas of bonsai display and stepped back from submitting entries. However, his students still kept winning.

1995—Ben Oki International Design Award, “Canberra Australia.” It was after this international amateur prize that Boon decided on a professional bonsai career.